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lost of whining and stuff below the readmore! just venting a bit

i think there was a period of about half a year after i graduated when i learned to dress myself and i was like “maybe, in theory, i’m in the ‘prime of my life’ and i don’t look weird”

now i’m like “well, maybe my serial lack of anything dating-wise, online or off, is because i’ve always looked weird and awkward”

which is ridiculous, but maybe it’s not ridiculous? like “”objectively”” i’ve been on a dating site for two years with literally one person clicking into my profile per week through multiple different profile pictures. like, that’s not really ‘things crappy for now’ when it’s sustained. maybe that’s the universe sending me a sign

there’s people who are like ‘everyone’s attractive to someone' which always seems to me to be like 'so maybe you're not trying hard enough? you fucking weirdo? loser idiot?'

the last time i honest to god started freaking out was in taiwan when my mom and my brother were buying me clothes and they were like “no, that’s too tight” “…that’s too tight too”, and then at their suggestion i ended up with an XL shirt that was just huge and baggy and i was like “oh my god, what if i’ve been making a terrible mistake with shirts that touch my body at points other than my shoulders”

like i felt like i was so full of myself, pretending my body exists for any reason other than to keep my head ~5 feet off the ground, and that everyone was like “get a load of this guy, trying to look good. nothing will help you look good guy.”

ANYWAY so i’ll probably go back on okcupid after i convince myself that, i dunno, it’s ley lines or w/e

body image venting complain away captain!
Chat 31 Jul 3 notes two american wizards during the events of the 7th book
  • wizard 1: oh hey did you hear that there's an advisory for muggleborns travelling to europe.
  • wizard 2: yeah! saw that. vold mortay is back? or something? is that his name? from the last time?
  • wizard 1: something like that.
  • wizard 2: that's fucked up
  • wizard 1: yeah
  •  wizard 1 sips coffee
  • wizard 2: did you catch that quidditch game yesterday?
Text 30 Jul

writing an e-mail to a guy who used to come down from the high school to “mentor” me in elementary school. not like any kind of “we’re paying you to teach welpmeout math” but more like “hang out with this kid for an hour and do activities”. we pretty much totally fell out of contact after the middle of middle school

like dang like, that’s basically an entire lifetime of events

Text 30 Jul

actually going to delete that expendables post for the moment, pointing people to my tumblr / twitter while judging / the contest is running and want to be a bit more focused than a rant I wrote in sophomore year 😬

also playing a ton of Crypt of the Necrodancer and dang it is really good.

Text 29 Jul 1 note


i play all of albert’s games while he’s in the room so that when i get confused i can just be like “what’s happening” and he can explain it to me, not because it’s not well made but because i am uniquely bad at games

it provides valuable insight into how the things i take for granted are completely alien to people who’ve never played computer games, such as my mother.

(also you get a 50/50 chance to fry an egg)

Audio 29 Jul 3 notes


Neil Cicierega - Pokémon

Via tchotchkenation, who writes: “The entire album is varying levels of insanity, but reporters talking about Pokémon over the track to the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ is so far one of my favorites so far.”

what exactly is a poke e mon

if you have the opportunity Rollercloser and Crocodile Chop are also standouts. 

Played 31 times. via SEE YOU SPACE KAIJUU . . ..
Text 29 Jul

 i…l-like…autobiographical graphic novels

it's not like i like you graphic novels
Video 28 Jul 4 notes


first cut of the trailer to 2:22 AM which is probably the name of the game unless i wake up in the middle of the night going “eureka! i’ll call it funwise night mirrors


not sure if this will succeed even on a purely “hey look at this thing” level but here’s hoping!

Photo 26 Jul *eyebrows immediately shoot up*

*eyebrows immediately shoot up*


Text 24 Jul 5 notes


people who think the first act of into the woods is better the second:  who are you and why are you so wrong

see also : target audience of the disney remake

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